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“Her presentation was energetic and dynamic!”
“Outstanding Presentation.”
“An outstanding and accomplished speaker”
- U.S. Department of Labor
“Presentation was exceptional.”
- U.S. Postal Service
“She was the best speaker at the conference!”
- Meeting Professionals International
“I wanted you to know that you are phenomenal, and you inspire others to be too!”
- Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholar
“You were truly excellent and made our event very successful.”
- Chevron Corporation

Keynotes and Seminars

Today’s workplace and marketplace are more complex than ever. There is a diversity of approaches, thoughts, ideas, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and values. The ability to engage effectively across differences is more important than ever. It can mean the difference between failure and success. Let me help you succeed! I will design and customize a program to suit your specific needs. Keynotes, Training Workshops, Half-day, Full-day or Multi-day Seminars can be tailored to target specific audiences from Frontline employees to Senior Level Executives. Below are examples of sought-after programs I developed for Fortune 500 companies and organizations.


Topic Overview

Global is the reality! Are you ready? This is a call to action in the wake of a global workforce, global marketplace and global mentality. The world where we do business continue to change. Now, more than ever, cultural competence is required. Cross-cultural interactions produce outcomes that impact productivity and profitability. These sessions provide strategic skills to help you succeed in a global environment.

Sample Sessions
Unleash Your Global Mindset! ©
Cultural Competence for a Complex World! ©
Effective Cross Cultural Communications ©
The Art of Cross-Cultural Engagement ©

Diversity and Inclusion

Topic Overview

Ms. Aranza’s expertise in Diversity and Inclusion is solidly grounded. The combination of her academic studies on the subject matter, 25 years of experience working on diversity best practices at top organizations and her own diverse personal background distinguishes her from others in her field. The sessions are designed to help participants understand the impact of inclusion on personal and organizational success. She helps participants master the business case for Diversity and leverage it as a competitive advantage. In addition, Ms. Aranza’s sessions explore the impact of Diversity and Inclusion on innovation, talent recruitment and retention as well as overall strategy for growth.

Sample Sessions
Diversity Awareness: The Fundamentals You Need! ©
Valuing Differences ©
Diversity as a Competitive Advantage ©
Advance Diversity Skills for Today’s Leaders ©


Topic Overview

Ms. Aranza believes that leadership begins within and that leaders fail when they fail to lead themselves. The Leadership sessions provide constructive strategies to help participants self- direct and successfully lead others. The sessions are also designed to enhance participants’ ability to withstand internal & external forces in order to lead effectively even in the midst of uncertainty.

Sample Sessions
Leadership Begins Within!
Resilience: Tough Times Call for Tough Minds! ©
Change Champion: Success Strategies for Today's Uncertain Work Environment ©
Effective Leadership: Eliminate Toxic Elements That Get In The Way! ©
Passion, Power, and Purpose: Renewal In A Demanding World ©


Topic Overview

Ms. Aranza’s sessions on Multigenerations consistently rank among the highest rated at national and international conferences. Fun and rich in content, the sessions are designed to enhance participant awareness and understanding of the four different generations present in today’s workforce. Ms. Aranza provides valuable information about the different work philosophies and communication styles of each generation. More importantly, she helps participants leverage generational differences.

Sample Sessions
It’s A Multigenerational Workforce! Are You Ready? ©
Bridging the Generation Gap ©
Generational Differences: Learn to Leverage Them! ©
Unleash the Talents Across Generations! ©

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